Fees include 7 days a week access to the Scuola’s studio facilities and accommodation in private bedrooms in the Scuola’s apartments. Studio and apartments are located in central Venice, in the Cannaregio and San Marco districts.

Independent Residency

Any period from 1 October to 31 May
  • 1 WEEK / € 700.00
  • 2 WEEK / € 1.200.00
  • 3 WEEK / € 1.600.00
  • 4 WEEK / € 1.900.00
  • 5 WEEK / € 2,220.00
  • 6 WEEK / € 2,500.00
  • 7 WEEK / € 2.750.00
  • 8 WEEK / € 3.000.00
  • 9 WEEK / € 3,250.00
  • 10 WEEK / € 3,500.00
  • 11 WEEK / € 3,750.00
  • 12 WEEK / € 3,950.00

Summer Residency

Any period from 1 June to 30 September
  • 1 WEEK / € 775.00
  • 2 WEEK / € 1,350.00
  • 3 WEEK / € 1,750.00
  • 4 WEEK / € 2,050.00
  • 5 WEEK / € 2,350.00
  • 6 WEEK / € 2,650.00
  • 7 WEEK / € 2,950.00
  • 8 WEEK / € 3,250.00

Semi-private studio

Independent and Summer resident artists can work in a semi-private (shared with 1 other artist) work-space with beautiful canal view at an additional fee of € 150.00 per week. Non housing residencis are granted a 25% reduction on the regular fees.
Non housing residencies are granted a 25% reduction on the regular fees

Academic Residency Program Partial Fellowship

All Year
  • 1 MONTH / € 1,400.00
  • 2 MONTH / € 2,550.00
  • 3 MONTH / € 3,650.00

  • Terms of Participation in the Program

Upon acceptance in the Program all artists are requested to pay a € 250.00 deposit, which will go towards the payment
of the Residency. The deposit is not refundable
 Artists who cancel 30 days prior to commencement of the Program will be requested to pay 50% of their Residency fees.
    We shall be glad to assist independent artists in the process of requesting funding in their country by providing them with 
a formal letter of acceptance in the program.
Accommodation is provided in private bedrooms the Scuola’s apartments. The furnished apartments are equipped with kitchen, bathrooms with showers and laundry facilities. Free wireless DSL Internet connection is also provided. Resident artists granted an Academic Residency Program Partial Fellowship are assigned to a bedroom shared with another artist of the same gender.
    Resident artists work in our large, luminous, fully equipped printshop with presses for all printmaking media. Additionally, a painting studio provides individual work spaces. Please note that our painting studio is not suited for oil paint. Painters are encouraged to apply for work projects based on other painting techniques.
    Resident artists, as well as graduate students, have open access to the Scuola’s studio facilities. They are given keys 
to the Scuola and are welcome to use the facilites 7 days a week, from 9am to 10:30pm. Both artists and students enjoy 
participating in life at the Scuola through presentations and critiques. When in calendar, resident artists have the opportunity to attend our classes and workshops at no additional cost.
    The computer room is equipped with 20 iMacs (running Adobe® CS5), a scanner and two printers. The cost of a color print-out as well as the cost of a xerox copy, is 25 cents. If you prefer, we can direct you to a printing shop for larger formats than A4 and for good quality printouts. The computer room is free all day from June to September, and in October to May from 16:45. 
Part of the compound has wi-fi; you can bring your laptop and connect it to the Internet. Resident artists also have access to 
a serigraphy studio, darkroom and machinery for photoetching.
    These Materials are available to everyone: Etching grounds, soft ground, alcohol, petroleum, abrasive powders, detergents, 
bites (ferric chloride, copper solphate), lithography stones and materials, screens and equipment for serigraphy, black ink for etching, lithography and typography, proof paper and vellum paper. Other equipment is available only on a limited basis (glue, acrylics, permanent markers, masking tape, cutters, carborundum, tarlatan). You are required to provide your own materials, including brushes and pencils. Gloves, tarlatan, coloured inks, etching paper, copper, aluminium, wood and zinc can be purchased from the Studio or in local stores. The equipment of the Scuola is valuable. Since everyone can use it, special care must be taken to return all such equipment where they belong. Things are NEVER to be taken out of the Scuola. Each morning a staff member checks all the equipment, printing characters, inks, rollers, brushes. Books are to be returned to their place after you have consulted them and are NEVER to be taken out of the Scuola.

    The Scuola is unable to provide assistance in dealing with custums. We therefore suggest that you do not send any items before you leave, especially vitamines, health supplements, creams and shampoo (which will be certainly blocked). Our art shops are well supplied, and you can find whatever you will need in Venice and the mainland.

    We can accept in our housing facilities only our resident artists. Overnight guests are not allowed.

    Painting in the apartments is strongly discouraged. Oil Painting, Encaust, and other invasive painting methods are not allowed. Walls cannot be used to hang artwork. If a wall is damaged, the Scuola will repaint it and charge the costs.
    The Scuola welcomes in its studios and apartments artists of all genders, ethnic groups, political and sexual orientations.
    All our resident artists are requested to donate a minimum of one art-work produced during their residency for the Scuola’s collection.